Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Post 13

Share the Knowledge
ALEX, ALEX is…. I don’t want to say website because it is more than just that, it is a place. It has some very useful information for individuals who are in and are pursing the Education profession. It allows you to create Lessons Plans, Create a Podcast Entry, find Lesson Plans, create a teacher Webpage and from the looks of it, you could get things approved. It also gives you resources that will be useful in to us and our students. It gives you access to every course of study along with the grades (K-12) with information about what you should educate your students to know. You could also do a search for things, For example I typed in the word “chicken” there many things that referred to something about chickens that I could use to educate my students.
I see it as positive thing that will make one part of teachers’ life easier, it gives many options, and so if one thing doesn’t work then you will have another option to refer back to, or combine ideas to generate something new that might work even better. I even took sometime to play around with the site and the information they give is awesome. I think this will also be a great way to have all children on the same knowledge level. It can also be a way to have the teachers on the same pace with educating the students.
Alabama Learning Exchange

Additional Assignment 5

Is your noggin turned on? Yes, I think mines is, well at least I thought it was. That leaves me to think, maybe it is just not turned to the same station as others. How do we get it their? That is a good question.

Metaphors, Metaphor is the concept of understanding one thing in terms of another. A metaphor is a figure of speech that constructs an analogy between two things or ideas; the analogy is conveyed by the use of a metaphorical word in place of some other word.
from Metaphor

Just Teach Them to Solve for X, Sketchy Portraits: 8th Grade Identity and Pencils; He Just Likes the Class for the Pencils; The Medium Shapes the Learning
His main idea is the students and how to educate them and their changes that are not so clear, by using metaphors. Metaphors for me are really confusing sometimes. Well I would say depending on the person, if you are someone that I have been around and know about then I can analyze the metaphors that you speak. I think that we should allow our students to be comfortable in our classroom. Allow them to have some responsibility and freedom. Sometimes all the students need is a set of ears that will listen to them, so they will now that someone cares. To me metaphors are just another language that has to be explored. I also believe there are many cultures of metaphors.
I did not think the student was being rude, I took it as the student challenging the teacher. I believe if you are educating your students to think out side of the box instead of within, then you should not be offended when they speak their minds. Everyone can say the same thing but in different ways, with the same meaning.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project 10

 Great for educating students
My PLN is still in progress. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I finally got it. I am using Symbaloo. It is pretty cool, not only do I use it for this class. I use it for other classes also, this is very interesting and new to me, like everything else once you get used to it becomes a part of your routine.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Post 12

Type Question
Okay Blog post 12, here we go. Dr. Strange had the “What is my sentence.” What about a question to post in our blog. Instead of assigning a student to respond to your question post, you will have the responsibility of choosing ten of the classmates to make a post on their blog responding to their question. Watch this video, All Your Questions Answered on VYou" just to give you a thought, it will not be required to ask a question, but you are allowed. However, the question on your blog is an ABSOLUTE requirement. No ifs, ands, buts, I can’t decide, I can’t think of one. You MUST have a question.

My question: What if you were teaching at a school? You have a student whose primary language is not English, the student is having trouble completing class work and homework, you have went to the principle and they basically tell you they do not have any answers, you are on your own. What should I do?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post 11

Blogging is nation-wide, great

That was an amazing informational for me; in the beginning I was wondering how I could get my students more involved beside podcast, and smart board. I was told that even younger kids could blog, but now I was shown. This video has given me ideas that I could use in my classroom. My thought is, if you are in school that is real strict about test scores, this is a way to help: I think that this will save on time and you could incorporate a lot of lessons into one. This will also keep the children interested and look forward to being educated. Everyday there is something new with technology and something different, yes children may like to have a routine for being in class, but the information that you educating them about do not have to be routine. Who would ever think that they would allow video games at school? "Little Kids, Big Potential"

Ms. Cassidy’s approach to the use of technology

Mrs. Cassidy made some interesting and valid points in her Skype. I know I will use podcast and smart boards in my classroom. However, I am willing to try the blogging and Skype with my students. If it does not end well, then I will try to make necessary alteration, so that I could try it again the next year. The issues I see myself faced with are: Students not having resources in their homes to finish working on a project, and the parents. For the parents, I will send home information about what we will be doing in the classroom. I will also allow the parents to visit the classroom at anytime, to check out the students in progress. Great point she made about cheating, some minds think alike, but just because one said it before do not mean another person will have the same thoughts.

Think about it when we are first introduced to something it takes us a while to be familiar with it and put it to use. For example, Facebook, when I first heard about it I signed up for an account but never got on there because it was something new to me. Also when they first made the law making it mandatory to wear seat-belts, it took us a minute to get use to putting on seat-belt when we were in a car. The neat thing about technology and the internet is that you have undo and uninstall, So if something is wrong just undo-it.