Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Post 10

This is a great idea for learning

Morgan Bayda: An Open Letter To Educators

In some of my classes I often feel the same way that Morgan did, and left wondering, why am I here? Then I realize to get a grade, to get a degree that will possibly land me a job. The teachers mostly use PowerPoint, which can be found on-line. I can read those on my own. Some do not have time to explain the information they are presenting, until a day or two before the test, by that time it is too late. Yet in still, if we explore information on our own, then we have a chance at getting the answer wrong. Why? Because we have interpreted the same answer, but in a different form and it is not exactly what the book say. Not even that we can ask a teacher the same question and get two different answers that have one general meaning. Although, in some my class I do have the chance to hands-on learning, which I learn more from and not only just remember the information for a test.

"Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home"

I was really shocked at how she handles the situation. I think that all students should be able to take home pencil and paper. They can learn many things just from pencil and paper. For example the different sizes in the items, one weighs more, the different textures, different shapes, and etc. That is what we should do as teachers, take something that is entertainment for them and turn it into a learning process. Which this reminds me of a movie called “The Ron Clark Story”. At the beginning he walks in the school and see a little boy standing in the trash can, he asked him “what happened to you”? The boy replied “the teacher says, I can not learn so I should go out with the trash”. So he introduces himself to the boy, then Ron says “you know sometimes I am forgetful what’s my name is again”? And the boy answers “Mr. Clark” and Ron replies “see you have learned something “and took him out of the trash can. This situation just made me think about that movie. For teachers and future educators, this movie is a must see. Here is the link to get you started. "The Ron Clark Story", Part 1

What is my sentence? My sentence is: As an educator, we should learn or students then educate our students. Use what you learn and apply it to different situations.

Was I better today then yesterday? This can help me by evaluating my goals for that day, and learn to assess them to work.

Additional Assignment 3

No to Medication

Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Educational Paradigm

The most important thing he says to me is: Do not teach the students how you were taught. We should teach our students with a more realistic, real world approach. Not just give them the book value, but also life value. Like he said, I was taught and told the same thing “if you work hard, do well, and go to college, you will get a good job.” I am one of those who do not believe this to be true. When I was in grade school I did believe that to be true but as Sir Ken Robinson stated “I was educated”. Some people do not have a diploma or a degree, and own their own business. Another thing was that every child may be around the same age, but they all learn at a different pace and in a different ways.

I also think they should eliminate students from taking medicine. They make think it helps the child, but I think it hurts the student. Many of those medications have a great deal of side effects ,and if we as adults take a Tylenol for a headache an can not resist being drowsy or going to sleep, then what makes others think that a child can resist the side effects form Ritalin or any other medication? Being on medication at school will cause you to not pay attention, and fall asleep, but then teacher will say they are not following directions or completing work, then they get in trouble and their grades are continuously falling because they are on to much medicine to concentrate. How about before the option of medicine, try evaluating the situation and make accommodations?

Like always it is something different, a different style of passing along a message. Sir Ken Robinson captured the attention of all his viewers by either: writing, sound, and pictures, all in one presentation. If you missed something he said verbally then you had the pictures and words, to see what you missed. I think this presentation really makes you think about the different ways you would like to educate your students. It really made me think a lot.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Post 9

Ear, Listen to students

Mr. McClung post was great and I really enjoyed reading the post. I think he is just informing us that we do have to be ready and willing to explore new things to help OUR students. He is also letting us know that we have to be more than just a teacher to our students. We have to open and ready for the unexpected. He also let us knows that OUR students are the number one priority.

I agree with him, if you are not ready to commit your self to things he explain, then I do not think that teaching is the right career path, for that individual. Although I will not know what the experience feels like until I am in a classroom of my own. Technology has allowed me to read some experiences of others, so that I can have an idea on what to expect. I also believe the idea that we should all continue to learn, no matter what profession. I do not see how you could be a teacher and not care for you students. The students are like family. As teachers we spend most our time with our students. Mr. McClung is so right about listening to your students because we may be the only one that will listen. In every education class that I have taken, I have heard all my instructors say "Listen to your students; you may be the only one."

What have I learned? I have learned a lot, I have learned that technology can help in many ways. It gives you a chance to explore many things. It also gives you personal experiences and guidance. Depending on the way technology is used it can be a great tool for everyone, not only just teachers and students, but everyone. I am thankful this class, this class gives me many opportunities as a student, this are things that I would not have got a chance to explore in other classes. I will use what I have learned from this class, to help my students.