Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Post 6

"The Networked Student"
That was my question when first watching this video. What is the purpose of a teacher? I am a fan of using technology in the classroom. However, I feel that this tools should be used to help educated you students in a more creative way for them to learn. I do not think that I will use this style in my classroom. I will introduce this to my students, so if they run into a class like this in the future they will have some background.
I am the teacher who wants to be side by side with my students. I want to be able to look at their faces and tell when they are confused or need help, but are afraid to ask. Some people or more open and some people or not. I just feel that those students who are shy will get left behind in those type of classes. If I am not interacting with them hands on, I feel like it will leave me wondering more about my students, then being faced to faced. Wondering meaning; Are they understanding the material, and etc.
Body language and facial expressions are things that are caught in the moment. If you are live and in person, you are not able to re-record a mistake. I think we understand things better if we are shown, rather then told. I want to respond to my students reactions through appearance. Another thing is when we read a text message or an e-mail we interrupt the message in our own feelings. You may be upset that day and get the wrong concept of the message that was sent.

"A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment"
I think her personal learning environment was nicely organized. Looks like her instructions were well written and easy to understand. How well she maneuvers and explain what she is doing, looks like she has had some lesson on how to create the page and were to go for information. I was not pleased when she said one of the scientist had not responded back, but her classmates have received replies back.

"The Machine Is Changing us"
Great film! thought it was going to be boring, but as always they never end up being boring. Over all I really did enjoy this film. My favorite part was "Charlie bit my finger again". I think youtube is an amazing website or shall I say community. I have used it many times before this class to look up how to do things, and watch crazy videos as the ones he showed.


  1. Hi Sandra!
    I have to agree with you 100% about the networked student. This class reminds me a lot of the networked student and it can be frustrating sometimes. Although we learn much more from learning it for ourselves, there are many times I wish I was in a classroom with my teacher to help me when I am confused. I am not totally against the idea, but I am like you; I want to be a hands on teacher. I want to help the students face to face rather than through email.
    I also agree with you about the 7th graders Personal Learning Enviornment. I thought her PLE was well organized.
    Great post!

    Kristen Hayes

  2. Great post Cassandra!

    I understand your concern but I think the teacher will still be very important in the learning process. "The Networked Student", is a good example of the way the role of the teacher is changing. In this case its like Dr. Strange says the teacher is more of a coach. The teacher's role is more about being supportive, giving advice and guidance. The student is more in control of his or her own learning. A good example is the student who showed her personal learning environment. Now she's in control. You are correct not all students will respond as well to these newer methods but that is the case no matter what you do. But, I think the newer technology offers greater flexibility for the teacher to address student diversity.

    Your blog looks good. Make sure you proofread before posting. Otherwise, keep up the good work. SS

  3. Yes, I do believe that is a great way to address diversity. I understand the concept of "The Networked Student", but I am one that just feels more comfortable with watching my students grow, rather than assuming they understand. A person can tell you all day long they understand via internet, but until you see it on their faces you will always wonder; well at least I know I will. I do not want to be a teacher that wonders about my students. I want to know or have an idea when they are struggling and be able to assist. Even the ones who are afraid to ask for help, even though in this class asking for help is just a click of a button. Do not get me wrong "The Networked Student" is a great idea and I will enjoy introducing this to my students.