Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Post 7

"Randy Pausch's Last Lecture"

I think Randy was a very interesting person. If he could not achieve the actual goal he did something that cam pretty close to what he wanted to do, in his life. I think he created fun pathway and atmosphere for his students to learn. He was one who did not believe in teaching from a textbook. I like his method of learning something hard in a fun way to keep you going and not give up on the assignment. He seemed to be a fun person that would always make you laugh. From the way he looked, you could not tell he only had a short time to live.
Randy was a man that believed if you do good things, good would come back to you and vice versa, he was all about karma. He was also all about hard work paying off in the end, which I also believe it does. Besides the "Head Fakes" which I did not get until he told me what they were at the end. One thing in the video that stood out to me was when he mentioned he did not get accepted into the college because of his test scores. Due to his character and his great work he was able to get in by a phone call. I began to think that saying was true "it is all about whom you know", but then he reminded me, karma and all his hard work.

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  1. I also thought this video was very interesting. I loved the metaphor he used about the brick wall. This video was very inspiring, Randy left a great legacy behind. Good luck with the rest of the semester!