Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comments For Teachers Summary 2

Comments for teachers 2: I had to comment on Mr. Chamberlain, from the EDM310 Alumni Blog. “Post Classroom Hack: Creating Postcards Using Students Work” . After reading that post, I think that was a great idea. Taking the students work and sending it home, to their parents, I think this can be a way to keep the parents involved in their child’s learning process. I think it will also make the students excited about doing work, and also knowing that something good is being sent home in the mail to their parents.

My 2nd comment was on Reflection On My First Week of Teaching EDUC 210 Technology for Teachers

This was an assignment he had his students in the class do about the readiExamplengs and class discussions. So he was a great model and did one of him self about teaching the course. What a great way to set and example. I think this is a great thing to do, an evaluation of you. This can help you and your students. This can as you said help you prepare yourself for future classes. This is something I think everyone could use in life not just a teacher.


  1. The postcard thing came from a need to communicate somehow with the students' parents. We usually have postcards we can fill out and send off, but we haven't had them come in so I decided to make my own. I think it worked out really well.

  2. I think that is a great way to communicate with the parents. I think that is actually better than sending a parent letter home. I know when I was in school I forgot to give the letters to my parents sometimes, not intentionally. This is also a fun activity for the students. Great idea, Can borrow this, once I have my own classroom?