Sunday, October 31, 2010

Additional Assignment 3

No to Medication

Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Educational Paradigm

The most important thing he says to me is: Do not teach the students how you were taught. We should teach our students with a more realistic, real world approach. Not just give them the book value, but also life value. Like he said, I was taught and told the same thing “if you work hard, do well, and go to college, you will get a good job.” I am one of those who do not believe this to be true. When I was in grade school I did believe that to be true but as Sir Ken Robinson stated “I was educated”. Some people do not have a diploma or a degree, and own their own business. Another thing was that every child may be around the same age, but they all learn at a different pace and in a different ways.

I also think they should eliminate students from taking medicine. They make think it helps the child, but I think it hurts the student. Many of those medications have a great deal of side effects ,and if we as adults take a Tylenol for a headache an can not resist being drowsy or going to sleep, then what makes others think that a child can resist the side effects form Ritalin or any other medication? Being on medication at school will cause you to not pay attention, and fall asleep, but then teacher will say they are not following directions or completing work, then they get in trouble and their grades are continuously falling because they are on to much medicine to concentrate. How about before the option of medicine, try evaluating the situation and make accommodations?

Like always it is something different, a different style of passing along a message. Sir Ken Robinson captured the attention of all his viewers by either: writing, sound, and pictures, all in one presentation. If you missed something he said verbally then you had the pictures and words, to see what you missed. I think this presentation really makes you think about the different ways you would like to educate your students. It really made me think a lot.

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