Wednesday, October 20, 2010

comments for kids summary 2

C4k summary 2

On students number three that I had to comment on. The post was about New South Wales. I did not know what New South Wales was, so I looked it up, I found that it is a rugby team. Although I have never played rugby before Looks like I would enjoy playing the sport. I also found an interesting fact. According to Wikipedia The New South Wales rugby league team pre-dates the Australian national team, playing the rebel New Zealand rugby team on their first ever tour in 1907.
I would like to hope for the New South Wales to win.

Comments for kids 4 was on a student by the name of Allie, the student is in the sixth grade. This blog was about science, they dissected a pig’s eye on week. They also learned about science through hearing. This is what Allie said “For those science lessons half of the class went 350m away from the other half and they had timers we had balloons with flour in them. The half that had the balloons had to pop them in the air and the other half with the timers had to start the timer when they saw the flour and then when they heard the loud bang, it was pretty hard.”
I can not wait until I am in my own classroom, so that I can enjoy helping my students learn. When I was in school I had the chance to dissect a cat, which was pretty cool. I would love for my students to have a chance to experience some of the same things. I want to do fun things like that with my class, so they will remember the information and learn how to apply it to things in the real world. Allie, Science Blog

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