Sunday, October 3, 2010

Comments for Kids Summary 1

I was assigned to a student name Wade A.S. His blog can be found at Noel Elementary Class of 2011 . We were only assigned to read two posts, but I read all of his post. I found Wade to be very interesting and would love to have students such as him in my classroom. So now I will share with you a little about Wade.

Wade is a thirteen year old 8th grader. Who attends Noel Elementary School, which is located in Noel, Missouri; 564 miles from Mobile, Alabama. He loves sports, outdoors, and his play-station 3 game. Even though he enjoys a lot of extra-curricula activities, he still maintains to make straight A's in his subjects. He also has two other siblings.

I basically replied by telling him to keep of the good work. I also told him about my family, how I like to play the Play-station, and that I also enjoyed doing my school work. I shared with him how this class is new to me does allow me the opportunity to explore new information in different ways.

Wades' Manifesto: These are the words of Wade A.S
I will try to work harder and pay attention.
When in class I will fully devote my time to absorbing the information given by the teacher. I will pay attention to the teachers and read the instructions so that I don't get a bad grade or do the completely wrong thing on an assignment. By doing all of this I hope to get a better grade and be more efficient in class
I will try to dedicate more of my time to work and study.
After school while I am at my house I will spend more time working on homework and studying the content we learned in class that day, or for any test we might have coming up. Instead of playing video games or watching television I will have a family member or a friend quiz me, and by doing this it will hopefully make my learning ability better.

I will try to respect my classmates and teachers more.
While on school campus I will treat my teachers and fellow learners with respect. I will disrupt my teachers speech because by doing that I am not only putting my learning on hold, but my classmates' too. I will not put my classmates down or disrespect my teachers behind their backs. This should expand my knowledge by opening up my path to learning.

I really liked how he expressed concern for your fellow classmates and teachers. I also see that he is willing to learn by continuing to study and do work outside of the classroom. To me that shows that he is really enjoying the information that he is learning.

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