Saturday, December 11, 2010

EDM 310 Refelection

This is my EDM 310 reflection. I did used screenr with audio.

Comments for kids 8,9,10,11 and SPE. comment

Comments for kids 8: The student I commented on was a 6th grader by the name of Alba Braves. Alba attends Alba Middle School. Alba chose a picture that was taken by him at the Battle Ship. This is the reason he took the picture:

“I took this picture because from where I was stanWhat could it be?ding it looked interesting by the light that's shining on the pipe.
It is a picture of one of the pipes in the USS ALABAMA engine room.
What would you name this picture?”

This is what I thought the picture to be, I would call the picture "The Optical Eye". when i first looked at It reminds me of a game that I play on the play station called “Splinter cell” When the character looks under a door. The tool used on the game is called an Optical.

Comments for kids 9: This student was a 3rd grader. There class was learning about* planets the nine planets and they created a Kerpoof to help them remember the nine, excuse me now eight planets. This is his kerpoof.

My response: This is a cool picture and a great way to remember the eight planets. When i was in school there were nine and our saying went like this: My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas!

Comments for kids 10: This is a 2nd grader in Ms. Jenny class in Pt. England. The students created a video about a Manaiakalani film festival. This is the place to go to watch the cool film Manaiakalani Film Festival . My favorite part of the film was the students and the teachers dancing. What a great way, I think, to get the students involved.

Comments for kids 11: This student was in a 6th grade classroom. The students name is Josue. This is his “Call From my Uncle”: My uncle lives in Guatemala with my cousins. They video call me on the computer. One day they brought my grandpa to there house to see him and I got to see him and he has the same voice as my uncle.

I take it he was using Skype or some sort of calling chat. I think this is a very cool thing to be able to communicate with your family/friends. You are able to look at them seeing what they are doing, instead of just hearing the voice.

Special comments for kids: This was a great post by Yasmine, who is in Mrs. Pierres. She posted a blog on her favorite deserts this was her list:

1. hot fudge brownies

2. Any kind of ice cream except pecan.

3. Cheesecake

4. Chocolate pudding

5. Cupcakes

Of course I chose Cheesecake, That is my favorite and add the strawberries. But I like all of them. Let's go to Yasmines' Blog and comment on her posts!!!

PLN final post

My Personal Learning Network, has come a long way. In the beginning I was losing because I did not know how to operate it, but like all things we have to take our time and adjust to the settings. This is what my final Personal Learning network is and I use all the icons. I can not thank Dr. Strange enough for all the resources he has introduced.

Project 12

My Skype interview was done with Heather Bright. This was my first Skype it it was fun. This is something I would want to share and experience with my students.

2nd Project 16

Well as you probably can tell I was involved in two project 16's. It was fun doing both. This project 16 is based on EDM310 being like losing weight. The video will show you before and after about losing weight and EDM 310.. Which exercise and EDM 310 go hand and hand. If you do not do the exercise you will not get a good result. Just like EDM 310 if you do not do the work, your students will not benefit, nor will you have a good grade. This is for the future students you will have in your classroom. This project 16 was done with Heather Bright and Eloise Martin .

Project 16

I did Project 16 on different organizations the give and help others. This project was done with Cathy Soutullo . We used a tool we had not used every in my life. It was a fun experience to do a glogster it was very interesting and a cool tool to see how things can be arranged all in one area.
The different organizations we chose were Mission of Hope, The Salvation Army, The Social Catholic Services, and The Red Cross. All those organizations contribute a lot to society. They feed, house, and cloth many individuals. So on those days you want to give chose one of those organizations and lend a hand.

Comments for kids 5, 6, and 7

Comments for kids 5: I had a student by the name of Brandy W. who is in the 6th grade. This is a little bit about Brandy:
  • Name: Brady W.
  • Favorite Color: Purple!
  • Favorite food: PIE!!
  • Favorite movie: Jeff Dunham, Sparks of Insanity.
  • Hobbies: yo-yoing, and hanging with friends.
  • Favorite video game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!
  • Favorite Candy: Warheads.
  • Favorite athlete: Derek Jeter, Hines Ward, and Felix Pie.

My response was: “See we already have the same letter that begins our last name. Let me see, I love playing video games, my favorite game is midnight club Remix (Dub Edition), I have also played call of duty. My favorite color is blue, I like pecan pie. I just changed my favorite movie to “Ron Clark Story”. I love hanging with my friends also, favorite candy is sugar babies, and favorite athlete is Lebron James. I like the way you did your post. Keep up the good work.”

Comments for kids 6: This was a 6th grade student in Mr. Reuter’s Class. His name is Ben and he chose to tell how he spends his weekend in one of his blog post. Ben said “Saturday morning I went and watched my sister’s soccer game. Then we went to the pumpkin farm and went on the hay ride, the corn maze, and picked our pumpkins. Our pumpkins weighed 62 pounds all together. Then we rushed home and went to my football game. Once we warmed up we noticed there were no refs there. So we had to wait about 45 minutes for the refs to come. We played Oconomowoc White at Arrowhead high school. We crushed 35 to 6. Because of the delay we got to play under the lights. Right now my team is 4-1-1 which is a good record. Then on Sunday I went to church and then went straight to my Grandparents house to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday. We watched the Packers lose and I shot his pellet gun. Then I played tennis with my Grandma. That was my jam packed weekend.

My response: I think it is an awesome thing that you are involved in the blog process. Now about you weekend seems like you had fun. You went to games, even played in a game, and most of all you spent time with the family. Tennis is now one of my favorite sports to play. I did not like tennis at first, but when I learned the techniques of the game, that made me enjoy tennis. Keep up the good work! I enjoyed reading all your post.

Comments for kids 7: This student name is Rikimaru, is in the 11th grade and attends Bryant High school. This is the picture taken and it was asked by Rikimaru “What would you name this picture?”
The tank

My answer was: Great picture! The black & white do make it look surreal. You can still see the deck and water in the background. For me, Just by looking at the picture makes me feel like I am really aboard the ship. The name that I came up with was "Two Arms". The reason I said that is because in the constitution they speak about the right to bear arms, which relates to guns, and in the picture there are two, so that is why I chose that name. Great job, keep up the excellent work!

Comments for teachers Summary 4

It can happen
The 4th teacher Blog that I had the opportunity to comment on was Jackson Bryan.
He is a suburbanite teacher working at his old high school, exploring gifted and techno-learning with younger children. he is a former middle-distance runner, current guitar enthusiast, sometime reader, sometime writer, wannabe pirate and graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

The first Blog I read was KAPOW: Sir Ken Robinson Blows Donya’s Mind This class is given me knowledge that I could use to educate my students. We should teach our students with a more realistic, real world approach. Not just give them the book value, but also life value. Like he said, I was taught and told the same thing “if you work hard, do well, and go to college, you will get a good job.” I am one of those who do not believe this to be true. When I was in grade school I did believe that to be true but as Sir Ken Robinson stated “I was educated”. Some people do not have a diploma or a degree, and own their own business. Another thing was that every child may be around the same age, but they all learn at a different pace and in a different ways.

The Second blog was The Silver Bullet in Teaching Mathematics: Computer What you think? He really made me understand that math is more than just calculating. I am a fan of technology and computer, but my big doubt is what will happen when the network crashes and they are not able to use computers? Or when they are taking a timed test and have nothing but pencil and paper? no calculator or computer.

Comments for teachers summary 3

Why Ban Books
My third teacher is John Spencer.
John Spencer wrote a post about Why We Need to Ban More Books
He was talking about how banning books closes doors to many students. How it makes students feel like they will not be cool if they read a book. I think no matter if a book is banned at school or not their is still ways to gain access, whether its friends or a public library. I think because children are not allowed to do certain things, they are going to do it anyway. I have often thought the same thing as John when he stated “if free pizza coupons were given to ever child who tried a narcotic, drugs would be very uncool". The reason I believe that is because, it will not come across to them as being something they should not do and they are not allowed to explore the options, they will just do it anyway to get a feel of what it is like.
Rainy dayz
His other Blog that I read and commented on was Rainy Day Schedule
This post was about his students and the rainy days, how they go wild on rainy days. The great part to me about is he allowed the children to go outside and explore the rain but also had an assignment behind it, this was a great way to integrate the arts into the lesson but also let the students be apart of the lesson

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Project 14

I did my Instructional video on showing how to do Printmaking. This is a way we could introduce are to our students and get them to respond to art. This is something that can be reused for later. It also something that your are creating on their own relating to the subject that you are teaching.

Project 11

Short Movie (Read A Story or Other)

The book I read was a bedtime story. I read a bedtime story to get my students relaxed.

Project 13


I did my Smartboart presentation on the morning class roll. I also incorporated math into the morning procedures of the whole class and who is absent. I think the students would enjoy the interaction between them and the board. There are many things that the students can do with the Smartboard to get them engaged in learning. I can not wait to become a teacher so that I am able to show my students new and interesting things that Dr. Strange has taught.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Project 6

I did project 6 on random questions. Asking about technology in the classroom, type of teacher you would like to be, your favorite color, and hobby. I think using the Google application to create a survey is a great resource. You can send it to everyone that needs the access and also save on paper.

1. Will you use podcast in your classroom?
2. Will you be a hands on teacher?
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
3. What are methods will you use in your classroom?
Podcast Only
PLE Only
Pencil and Paper
Outside resources
4. Are you technology literate?

1 -
5 -
5. How much do you think you have learned about technology so far in this class? - Item 1
1 Too much
2 Just enough
3 Still the same, before taking the class
4 Too little
5 None
6. What is your favorite color?
Stop Sign
Caution Light
The sky
7. Was teaching yout first career choice?
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
8. Family members that are teachers?
9. Are you excited to become a teacher/ or enjoy teaching?
Very excited
No, doing it just because.
10. What is your hobby?
Talking on the phone
Playing games on-line

Project 15

Helping others…. Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm….

What do we usually think when helping others? I think about helping someone in my family, friends and others that I met, whether it be giving a ride, lending money, giving them a sheet of paper, or even telling them they dropped something on the ground. In this case most of us are just as the husband and wife in the story. When the people that hang around the stores or buildings, as you are leaving or coming, they are asking for change or food. Most would just keep walking as if they had not heard them or turn their head like they do not see them.

In "A Lesson in Compaasion From My Brother" the brother offered a hand and his heart. He helped a stranger get back to his country to be with his family. After coming to the United States as a singer but could not get a job singing. He had no money and had no food. The brother paid for his ticket, room, and gifts for his family. This was a very Inspiring story to me because is shows that a lot of help can go a long way, with the possibility of gaining a new friend. Even the small things count.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Post 13

Share the Knowledge
ALEX, ALEX is…. I don’t want to say website because it is more than just that, it is a place. It has some very useful information for individuals who are in and are pursing the Education profession. It allows you to create Lessons Plans, Create a Podcast Entry, find Lesson Plans, create a teacher Webpage and from the looks of it, you could get things approved. It also gives you resources that will be useful in to us and our students. It gives you access to every course of study along with the grades (K-12) with information about what you should educate your students to know. You could also do a search for things, For example I typed in the word “chicken” there many things that referred to something about chickens that I could use to educate my students.
I see it as positive thing that will make one part of teachers’ life easier, it gives many options, and so if one thing doesn’t work then you will have another option to refer back to, or combine ideas to generate something new that might work even better. I even took sometime to play around with the site and the information they give is awesome. I think this will also be a great way to have all children on the same knowledge level. It can also be a way to have the teachers on the same pace with educating the students.
Alabama Learning Exchange

Additional Assignment 5

Is your noggin turned on? Yes, I think mines is, well at least I thought it was. That leaves me to think, maybe it is just not turned to the same station as others. How do we get it their? That is a good question.

Metaphors, Metaphor is the concept of understanding one thing in terms of another. A metaphor is a figure of speech that constructs an analogy between two things or ideas; the analogy is conveyed by the use of a metaphorical word in place of some other word.
from Metaphor

Just Teach Them to Solve for X, Sketchy Portraits: 8th Grade Identity and Pencils; He Just Likes the Class for the Pencils; The Medium Shapes the Learning
His main idea is the students and how to educate them and their changes that are not so clear, by using metaphors. Metaphors for me are really confusing sometimes. Well I would say depending on the person, if you are someone that I have been around and know about then I can analyze the metaphors that you speak. I think that we should allow our students to be comfortable in our classroom. Allow them to have some responsibility and freedom. Sometimes all the students need is a set of ears that will listen to them, so they will now that someone cares. To me metaphors are just another language that has to be explored. I also believe there are many cultures of metaphors.
I did not think the student was being rude, I took it as the student challenging the teacher. I believe if you are educating your students to think out side of the box instead of within, then you should not be offended when they speak their minds. Everyone can say the same thing but in different ways, with the same meaning.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project 10

 Great for educating students
My PLN is still in progress. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I finally got it. I am using Symbaloo. It is pretty cool, not only do I use it for this class. I use it for other classes also, this is very interesting and new to me, like everything else once you get used to it becomes a part of your routine.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Post 12

Type Question
Okay Blog post 12, here we go. Dr. Strange had the “What is my sentence.” What about a question to post in our blog. Instead of assigning a student to respond to your question post, you will have the responsibility of choosing ten of the classmates to make a post on their blog responding to their question. Watch this video, All Your Questions Answered on VYou" just to give you a thought, it will not be required to ask a question, but you are allowed. However, the question on your blog is an ABSOLUTE requirement. No ifs, ands, buts, I can’t decide, I can’t think of one. You MUST have a question.

My question: What if you were teaching at a school? You have a student whose primary language is not English, the student is having trouble completing class work and homework, you have went to the principle and they basically tell you they do not have any answers, you are on your own. What should I do?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post 11

Blogging is nation-wide, great

That was an amazing informational for me; in the beginning I was wondering how I could get my students more involved beside podcast, and smart board. I was told that even younger kids could blog, but now I was shown. This video has given me ideas that I could use in my classroom. My thought is, if you are in school that is real strict about test scores, this is a way to help: I think that this will save on time and you could incorporate a lot of lessons into one. This will also keep the children interested and look forward to being educated. Everyday there is something new with technology and something different, yes children may like to have a routine for being in class, but the information that you educating them about do not have to be routine. Who would ever think that they would allow video games at school? "Little Kids, Big Potential"

Ms. Cassidy’s approach to the use of technology

Mrs. Cassidy made some interesting and valid points in her Skype. I know I will use podcast and smart boards in my classroom. However, I am willing to try the blogging and Skype with my students. If it does not end well, then I will try to make necessary alteration, so that I could try it again the next year. The issues I see myself faced with are: Students not having resources in their homes to finish working on a project, and the parents. For the parents, I will send home information about what we will be doing in the classroom. I will also allow the parents to visit the classroom at anytime, to check out the students in progress. Great point she made about cheating, some minds think alike, but just because one said it before do not mean another person will have the same thoughts.

Think about it when we are first introduced to something it takes us a while to be familiar with it and put it to use. For example, Facebook, when I first heard about it I signed up for an account but never got on there because it was something new to me. Also when they first made the law making it mandatory to wear seat-belts, it took us a minute to get use to putting on seat-belt when we were in a car. The neat thing about technology and the internet is that you have undo and uninstall, So if something is wrong just undo-it.