Saturday, December 11, 2010

Comments for teachers summary 3

Why Ban Books
My third teacher is John Spencer.
John Spencer wrote a post about Why We Need to Ban More Books
He was talking about how banning books closes doors to many students. How it makes students feel like they will not be cool if they read a book. I think no matter if a book is banned at school or not their is still ways to gain access, whether its friends or a public library. I think because children are not allowed to do certain things, they are going to do it anyway. I have often thought the same thing as John when he stated “if free pizza coupons were given to ever child who tried a narcotic, drugs would be very uncool". The reason I believe that is because, it will not come across to them as being something they should not do and they are not allowed to explore the options, they will just do it anyway to get a feel of what it is like.
Rainy dayz
His other Blog that I read and commented on was Rainy Day Schedule
This post was about his students and the rainy days, how they go wild on rainy days. The great part to me about is he allowed the children to go outside and explore the rain but also had an assignment behind it, this was a great way to integrate the arts into the lesson but also let the students be apart of the lesson

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