Saturday, December 11, 2010

Comments for kids 5, 6, and 7

Comments for kids 5: I had a student by the name of Brandy W. who is in the 6th grade. This is a little bit about Brandy:
  • Name: Brady W.
  • Favorite Color: Purple!
  • Favorite food: PIE!!
  • Favorite movie: Jeff Dunham, Sparks of Insanity.
  • Hobbies: yo-yoing, and hanging with friends.
  • Favorite video game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!
  • Favorite Candy: Warheads.
  • Favorite athlete: Derek Jeter, Hines Ward, and Felix Pie.

My response was: “See we already have the same letter that begins our last name. Let me see, I love playing video games, my favorite game is midnight club Remix (Dub Edition), I have also played call of duty. My favorite color is blue, I like pecan pie. I just changed my favorite movie to “Ron Clark Story”. I love hanging with my friends also, favorite candy is sugar babies, and favorite athlete is Lebron James. I like the way you did your post. Keep up the good work.”

Comments for kids 6: This was a 6th grade student in Mr. Reuter’s Class. His name is Ben and he chose to tell how he spends his weekend in one of his blog post. Ben said “Saturday morning I went and watched my sister’s soccer game. Then we went to the pumpkin farm and went on the hay ride, the corn maze, and picked our pumpkins. Our pumpkins weighed 62 pounds all together. Then we rushed home and went to my football game. Once we warmed up we noticed there were no refs there. So we had to wait about 45 minutes for the refs to come. We played Oconomowoc White at Arrowhead high school. We crushed 35 to 6. Because of the delay we got to play under the lights. Right now my team is 4-1-1 which is a good record. Then on Sunday I went to church and then went straight to my Grandparents house to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday. We watched the Packers lose and I shot his pellet gun. Then I played tennis with my Grandma. That was my jam packed weekend.

My response: I think it is an awesome thing that you are involved in the blog process. Now about you weekend seems like you had fun. You went to games, even played in a game, and most of all you spent time with the family. Tennis is now one of my favorite sports to play. I did not like tennis at first, but when I learned the techniques of the game, that made me enjoy tennis. Keep up the good work! I enjoyed reading all your post.

Comments for kids 7: This student name is Rikimaru, is in the 11th grade and attends Bryant High school. This is the picture taken and it was asked by Rikimaru “What would you name this picture?”
The tank

My answer was: Great picture! The black & white do make it look surreal. You can still see the deck and water in the background. For me, Just by looking at the picture makes me feel like I am really aboard the ship. The name that I came up with was "Two Arms". The reason I said that is because in the constitution they speak about the right to bear arms, which relates to guns, and in the picture there are two, so that is why I chose that name. Great job, keep up the excellent work!

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