Saturday, December 11, 2010

Comments for kids 8,9,10,11 and SPE. comment

Comments for kids 8: The student I commented on was a 6th grader by the name of Alba Braves. Alba attends Alba Middle School. Alba chose a picture that was taken by him at the Battle Ship. This is the reason he took the picture:

“I took this picture because from where I was stanWhat could it be?ding it looked interesting by the light that's shining on the pipe.
It is a picture of one of the pipes in the USS ALABAMA engine room.
What would you name this picture?”

This is what I thought the picture to be, I would call the picture "The Optical Eye". when i first looked at It reminds me of a game that I play on the play station called “Splinter cell” When the character looks under a door. The tool used on the game is called an Optical.

Comments for kids 9: This student was a 3rd grader. There class was learning about* planets the nine planets and they created a Kerpoof to help them remember the nine, excuse me now eight planets. This is his kerpoof.

My response: This is a cool picture and a great way to remember the eight planets. When i was in school there were nine and our saying went like this: My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas!

Comments for kids 10: This is a 2nd grader in Ms. Jenny class in Pt. England. The students created a video about a Manaiakalani film festival. This is the place to go to watch the cool film Manaiakalani Film Festival . My favorite part of the film was the students and the teachers dancing. What a great way, I think, to get the students involved.

Comments for kids 11: This student was in a 6th grade classroom. The students name is Josue. This is his “Call From my Uncle”: My uncle lives in Guatemala with my cousins. They video call me on the computer. One day they brought my grandpa to there house to see him and I got to see him and he has the same voice as my uncle.

I take it he was using Skype or some sort of calling chat. I think this is a very cool thing to be able to communicate with your family/friends. You are able to look at them seeing what they are doing, instead of just hearing the voice.

Special comments for kids: This was a great post by Yasmine, who is in Mrs. Pierres. She posted a blog on her favorite deserts this was her list:

1. hot fudge brownies

2. Any kind of ice cream except pecan.

3. Cheesecake

4. Chocolate pudding

5. Cupcakes

Of course I chose Cheesecake, That is my favorite and add the strawberries. But I like all of them. Let's go to Yasmines' Blog and comment on her posts!!!

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