Sunday, December 5, 2010

Project 15

Helping others…. Hhhhhmmmmmmmmm….

What do we usually think when helping others? I think about helping someone in my family, friends and others that I met, whether it be giving a ride, lending money, giving them a sheet of paper, or even telling them they dropped something on the ground. In this case most of us are just as the husband and wife in the story. When the people that hang around the stores or buildings, as you are leaving or coming, they are asking for change or food. Most would just keep walking as if they had not heard them or turn their head like they do not see them.

In "A Lesson in Compaasion From My Brother" the brother offered a hand and his heart. He helped a stranger get back to his country to be with his family. After coming to the United States as a singer but could not get a job singing. He had no money and had no food. The brother paid for his ticket, room, and gifts for his family. This was a very Inspiring story to me because is shows that a lot of help can go a long way, with the possibility of gaining a new friend. Even the small things count.

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