Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Post 13

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ALEX, ALEX is…. I don’t want to say website because it is more than just that, it is a place. It has some very useful information for individuals who are in and are pursing the Education profession. It allows you to create Lessons Plans, Create a Podcast Entry, find Lesson Plans, create a teacher Webpage and from the looks of it, you could get things approved. It also gives you resources that will be useful in to us and our students. It gives you access to every course of study along with the grades (K-12) with information about what you should educate your students to know. You could also do a search for things, For example I typed in the word “chicken” there many things that referred to something about chickens that I could use to educate my students.
I see it as positive thing that will make one part of teachers’ life easier, it gives many options, and so if one thing doesn’t work then you will have another option to refer back to, or combine ideas to generate something new that might work even better. I even took sometime to play around with the site and the information they give is awesome. I think this will also be a great way to have all children on the same knowledge level. It can also be a way to have the teachers on the same pace with educating the students.
Alabama Learning Exchange

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