Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post 11

Blogging is nation-wide, great

That was an amazing informational for me; in the beginning I was wondering how I could get my students more involved beside podcast, and smart board. I was told that even younger kids could blog, but now I was shown. This video has given me ideas that I could use in my classroom. My thought is, if you are in school that is real strict about test scores, this is a way to help: I think that this will save on time and you could incorporate a lot of lessons into one. This will also keep the children interested and look forward to being educated. Everyday there is something new with technology and something different, yes children may like to have a routine for being in class, but the information that you educating them about do not have to be routine. Who would ever think that they would allow video games at school? "Little Kids, Big Potential"

Ms. Cassidy’s approach to the use of technology

Mrs. Cassidy made some interesting and valid points in her Skype. I know I will use podcast and smart boards in my classroom. However, I am willing to try the blogging and Skype with my students. If it does not end well, then I will try to make necessary alteration, so that I could try it again the next year. The issues I see myself faced with are: Students not having resources in their homes to finish working on a project, and the parents. For the parents, I will send home information about what we will be doing in the classroom. I will also allow the parents to visit the classroom at anytime, to check out the students in progress. Great point she made about cheating, some minds think alike, but just because one said it before do not mean another person will have the same thoughts.

Think about it when we are first introduced to something it takes us a while to be familiar with it and put it to use. For example, Facebook, when I first heard about it I signed up for an account but never got on there because it was something new to me. Also when they first made the law making it mandatory to wear seat-belts, it took us a minute to get use to putting on seat-belt when we were in a car. The neat thing about technology and the internet is that you have undo and uninstall, So if something is wrong just undo-it.

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  1. Very interesting. I think that you will find blogging to be very well accepted by parents and kids alike.