Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Post 10

This is a great idea for learning

Morgan Bayda: An Open Letter To Educators

In some of my classes I often feel the same way that Morgan did, and left wondering, why am I here? Then I realize to get a grade, to get a degree that will possibly land me a job. The teachers mostly use PowerPoint, which can be found on-line. I can read those on my own. Some do not have time to explain the information they are presenting, until a day or two before the test, by that time it is too late. Yet in still, if we explore information on our own, then we have a chance at getting the answer wrong. Why? Because we have interpreted the same answer, but in a different form and it is not exactly what the book say. Not even that we can ask a teacher the same question and get two different answers that have one general meaning. Although, in some my class I do have the chance to hands-on learning, which I learn more from and not only just remember the information for a test.

"Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home"

I was really shocked at how she handles the situation. I think that all students should be able to take home pencil and paper. They can learn many things just from pencil and paper. For example the different sizes in the items, one weighs more, the different textures, different shapes, and etc. That is what we should do as teachers, take something that is entertainment for them and turn it into a learning process. Which this reminds me of a movie called “The Ron Clark Story”. At the beginning he walks in the school and see a little boy standing in the trash can, he asked him “what happened to you”? The boy replied “the teacher says, I can not learn so I should go out with the trash”. So he introduces himself to the boy, then Ron says “you know sometimes I am forgetful what’s my name is again”? And the boy answers “Mr. Clark” and Ron replies “see you have learned something “and took him out of the trash can. This situation just made me think about that movie. For teachers and future educators, this movie is a must see. Here is the link to get you started. "The Ron Clark Story", Part 1

What is my sentence? My sentence is: As an educator, we should learn or students then educate our students. Use what you learn and apply it to different situations.

Was I better today then yesterday? This can help me by evaluating my goals for that day, and learn to assess them to work.


  1. In some of my classes I feel the teacher goes through things to fast and if you study on your own you may get different answers for the questions asked. I agree if we integrate things the students are interested in they will learn better.

  2. I agree. Hands-on learning is the most valuable.

    Do you really think that Mr. Johnson was writing about pencils?

    I will watch the movie! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I thought I posted it, I saved it in words but I guess I did not highlight everything to paste it in my blog. I did do it, I apologize.
    Yes, I thought he was speaking about pencils.
    Tell me if I am wrong, what he was speaking of? Or maybe I will re-watch it come to another conclusion.