Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Post 9

Ear, Listen to students

Mr. McClung post was great and I really enjoyed reading the post. I think he is just informing us that we do have to be ready and willing to explore new things to help OUR students. He is also letting us know that we have to be more than just a teacher to our students. We have to open and ready for the unexpected. He also let us knows that OUR students are the number one priority.

I agree with him, if you are not ready to commit your self to things he explain, then I do not think that teaching is the right career path, for that individual. Although I will not know what the experience feels like until I am in a classroom of my own. Technology has allowed me to read some experiences of others, so that I can have an idea on what to expect. I also believe the idea that we should all continue to learn, no matter what profession. I do not see how you could be a teacher and not care for you students. The students are like family. As teachers we spend most our time with our students. Mr. McClung is so right about listening to your students because we may be the only one that will listen. In every education class that I have taken, I have heard all my instructors say "Listen to your students; you may be the only one."

What have I learned? I have learned a lot, I have learned that technology can help in many ways. It gives you a chance to explore many things. It also gives you personal experiences and guidance. Depending on the way technology is used it can be a great tool for everyone, not only just teachers and students, but everyone. I am thankful this class, this class gives me many opportunities as a student, this are things that I would not have got a chance to explore in other classes. I will use what I have learned from this class, to help my students.

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  1. Excellent post Sandra!

    I agree, we must listen to our students. This is all a part of one of our resounding themes in EDM 310, that we should be willing to learn with the students. If we think we are always right then there is no way we could listen to the students. As long as we are open minded and willing to learn then listening will come automatically. This is also one of the reasons reflection or "reflecting" as Mr. McClung has demonstrated in this post is an important part of being an effective teacher. The mind set of reflection invites openness and a willingness to listen for useable feedback or new ideas. SS