Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Post 8

1. " This is How We Dream part 1 and 2"

To me the video showed how we can connect to many different types of things from one place. It also showed me that it can make things easier for teachers and students. They make things more easily available to you, without having to leave your comfort zone. It also showed how things have changed over time, and what capabilities the internet and a computer can produce.

I think that students should be introduced to technology in steps. The reason I think they should learn in steps is so they can master the skill of using technology, as a learning source. For example take the personal learning network. I understand the whole idea of it, but trying to figure out how things function is a little confusing for me, but I am still learning and working with my personal learning network.

Do I think that I am prepared to write with multimedia? I think I am some what prepared; I can perform many things using the computer. Am I willing to learn more about writing with multimedia? Yes, I am willing to learn, with technology I do not think that you can learn enough, I think learning about the use and dealing with technology is endless. There are so many things that come about on a daily bases and the quickest way to explore them is by internet.

At the grade level that I plan to teach, I do not think my students will be able to do all the things he did in the video. With sources I can find ways, so that my students are dong some of those similar things in the video. I will find activities that gives my students hands-on experience, but on a level so that they can understand. I would say a much modified version. That is another things about technology it allows you the options to modify things, and also allows you to see what works best and what does not work.

2. "The Chipper Series"

Some people do not like to be in front of the camera. Some are nervous speaking in front of an audience. We could use some of the characters out of the lesson that we are teaching for that week. We could have the students create the character: like a puppet. And allow them to video themselves making a play to present to the class about the lesson. I also think this will help them come out of the shell of being afraid to speak in front of an audience, without being nervous. So actually in this video we could accomplish a lot of things, we have discussed the lesson, in a fun and creative way, using technology. Not only that we have also incorporated arts into the lesson, and also worked on a social skill.

Chipper got offered a lot of different jobs. If I was in her shoes, I would have taken advantage of the teacher position. I would be focused on that one task. My main focus would be my students and ways to help them learn. By watching chipper and her feedback from her experiences, I know that I have now chosen the right path, Professional Educator.

EDM310 for dummies

Did this video describe how I still feel at this point? Yes, is does. Am I more comfortable then when I first started? Yes I am, but sometimes I am unsure of what I am doing. I still go for it! I also wish there were book, I would buy the book.

3. Critiques of Smartboards

I do not think it is so much the smartboard, I think it is the person who operates the smartboard. I have been in classes were the teacher just uses the smartboard like they use the projector, just to show slides with notes. I have also been in classrooms were the teachers have made activities that involve the students to interact with the smartboard. That is when I began to like the smartboard idea, because it allows you to do more than just a screen shot or a split screen. You can actually involve your students, for example, in math you could show a picture and have students come up and circle, and count the items they see that are the same.

The post that I found gave some very good ways to use Smartboards, so they just do not become useless to a teacher. Teachers Love SMART Boards

Upon commenting on Blog Post 8, I came across this podcast. In that podcast this is what I found and also describes what I was explaining, Why I think Smartboard are great in the classroom? Please listen to my classmate Army Crismon, Haley Riviere, & Megan Rymell Podcast .


  1. Cassandra,

    For “This is how we Dream Parts 1 and 2” I agree with you that there is so much technology out there that it is impossible to know it all. No one knows everything. It is impossible to know everything. But if you are ready to learn new technology, like you said you were, I think that is all that matters.

    For the “Chipper Series” I also thought Chipper should have appreciated her teaching option too. I think this video showed us that if we want to be a good teacher, then we have to be responsible and independent learners. I think your video idea sounds great. I think the usage of puppets is a really good idea.

    I have never been in a classroom where a smartboard has been used. I think it would be a good idea to use these in classrooms since they are able to do so much more than just show a slide. I think it would involve more kids because they would think it was something fun in their classroom.

  2. "Yes, I am willing to learn..." Great. we are going to give writing with multimedia a try in Project 15.

    "Professional Educator." I like that term!

    Really neat including the link to your classmates podcast on smartboards. Well done!