Sunday, September 19, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

I think the educational implications of Google squared would give the students and teachers easier access to resources for any research project. The information would be readily available, rather then searching for books. It can be also used to show the class at one time, so that they may ask questions of how the site operates. also those students that were absent that day can still have a chance to explore the site and prepare the questions that they may have about the site. I think the wolfram alpha site, can give the students a visual representation of the numbers that they are doing research on. I think this will help them better understand the statistics that is being shown, with the graphs that this site has available.

I did not now anything about Google squared or wolfram alpha, before this assignment. I would like to thank Dr. Strange for introducing me to these new things that will be very useful for me in the classroom.I really liked the sites and I know if they were amazing to me, then the sites would be much more amazing to my students.

No, my thinking has not been altered about my report for the Did You Know assignment.
From this exercise I have learned that with statistics you still have to look at the numbers as a whole when breaking things down into categories. Like I would have never assumed that would still have more people speaking English if only twenty-five percent of their population learned it, then the united states.

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