Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog Post 4

Don’t Teach Your Kids This Stuff, Please? By: Scott McLeod
I really enjoyed Dr. McLeod comment. I would agree with him not teaching your kids this stuff. But, they will learn one way or another. Either on there own or by someone who is capable of telling them the rights and wrongs about using computers in a respectful way. Sometimes, when you are on a search engine searching for a topic many things come up under the category that you are searching. We may not know, and click on a link; it may be a site that children should not be exposed to. I feel that if they are taught the positives and the negative there may be a chance they will not continue to search on that website. On the other hand you have some individuals that are curious about everything and have to experience things first hand rather it be right or wrong.

Dr. Scott McLeod seems to be a very interesting person. He is the Associate Professor and Coordinator of Iowa State University, Educational Administration Program. He is also recognized as being one of the nations leading academic experts on K-12 school technology leadership issues. Also in 2003 Dr. McLeod and others created the country’s first graduate program to prepare technology-savvy school leaders. I found this information about Dr. McLeod on his website at Biography of Dr. McLeod

The ischool Initiative
I think all those ideas are great, especially coming from a high school student who would love to be in class on-line. Some of the features he talked about like seeing the solar system, I think that would be a great way to display science in a classroom and get the students more involved. My question is will this actually work effectively? How will we know it is the student doing the work themselves, and not a robot? Also some students need to be face to face with a professional educator to understand the material. Some need the one on one time and the atmosphere feel of a classroom. Those in the lower socioeconomic status, will they be able to afford the change?

Also looking at the educational exchange, if they do not have the education, then they will be subject to the lower side of the occupational hierarchy. In order to have a job you have to have some sort of education. If the students do not put the time into their work an become lazy, they will not continue to do the work, which will result in them failing. Which this could possible led to them never finishing school. Even though this may cost a lesser price, will this lessen the education of those who are already victims to failure? Me personally I just feel like there is no better education then it being right in front of you, not through the source of another device.

Watch The Lost Generation
My reaction is wow! At first I thought she just did not have hope for anything. In the end she does have hope. Most people think they faster you fix something the better. However I do believe we are getting a little better with the environment, as far as going green and solar power.
I think family is the far most important thing in some cases. Some people may consider the people they work for and with, their family. In some cases we do have to consider work being more important than family, in order to survive. I do not think money will make you happy or solve all your problems, but it is like some sort of insurance to make you a little comfortable in life. I believe also that happiness come form within. Knowing that you may not be able to change to world, but you can make a difference in the world. Lost generation

The technique used was great; I loved the reverse that was my favorite part. I also liked the fact that when the statements went in reverse you could still keep up with what she was saying, which was interesting.

Eric Whitaker’s Virtual Choir

When I first read the title I thought it was going to be an avatar choir. No, it was actually people in there own home, or in different locations. The fact to know that they never performed together or ever even physically met makes this video so amazing and very cool. This let me know that there are many things you can do with the use of technology. Using this in a positive way for internet usage, it showed that just as you can get together physically and sing. You can get together virtually with a click of a button as well. Now days if there is button you could press to make anything happen.


  1. Hi Sandra! We had very different interpretations of Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please? I took his approach as very sarcastic. In my understanding, he was being sarcastic the entire time, saying "Okay, you guard your children from reality and I will teach mine technology (the good and bad) and we will see who is ahead in the future".
    I think the iSchool initiative seems like a great idea. Who knows, it may not work. But I personally think it is worth a try. The children and families would not be effected by the cost. My understanding is that the schools provide the iTouch, and in doing this they would still be saving a tremendous amount of money over books and supplies.
    I thought that the virtual choir video was amazing as well! It truly amazed me that this would even be possible!

  2. Good points Cassandra! One thing you said about students dropping out of school more because of the ischool did not ring true with me. I think that the ischool scenario would keep some kids in school. Last I checked, the drop out rate is already near 50% in some places. I guess anything is worth a try.

    Your blog is looking good. Be sure you proof read before posting. SS