Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Post 2

"Did You Know?"
Computer Technology and the growth of the population are all expanding at a rapid pace. Seeing the numbers of how fast things are changing and growing is totally different than what I thought. With technology expanding so quickly would that be "a good thing" or "a bad thing". Although it was just pictures and music this film really made me think about now and the future.

With the increase in population at a rapid pace, will there be enough resources available to support its growth. Will there be enough food for everyone? Will there be enough jobs created? Or Will Technology replace human capabilities? These are just some thoughts I had after watching this film.

"Mr. Wrinkles wakes"
People do not advance with technology. Some individuals do not like to use technology they things done as what is said to be "the olden way". Some people are not taught how to use technology or to operate a computer. Most jobs and business rely on computers to hold all sorts of information. They also use computers to find information, solutions to problems and communicate.

This video also made me think about how can an individual keep up with technology and things change so quickly. There are so many things to know and so many steps to take that we would be old and technology will still be new. I believe the only partial way to keep up with technology is through the use of computers. Mostly everyone has one and they make access to things very easy. However I do not think we should become solely reliable on just computers because they have been know to fail, in times when we really need them to work.

"Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity"
He was very funny and got my attention from the beginning. I will agree that being creative will help you become a better educator. Also having a humorous side will take you long way in the education field. It is also important to help students understand real life situations and being creative is an effective way to help students understand.

I also think students who may have some learning disability should be placed in an environment that they are comfortable for learning. Rather than putting that individual on medication and leaving them were they are not comfortable and will not learn. I think it is best that every students learn something even if it is something as dance they can use that to live a suitable life.

"Vicki Davis Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts"
I think the idea of allowing students to use technology as a way of learning in the classroom is great. Allowing the students to do collaborative work through the use of a social network gives them an opportunity to learn about other cultures. It also gives them a chance to learn things from different people and enhances their knowledge about diversity. It will also let them speak without being afraid or having added pressure of having to speak in front of someone who is intimidating.

It also allows them to stay connecting to the world all on one site and being in one place. It is like traveling but from a central location. Blogging sites also give people a chance to express themselves without being judged. I think this will also make them more will to learn because they are experiencing learning through a computer and also have a chance to teach others things that they have explored. This also shows students that they are not the only learners in this situation, and learning comes in different styles.

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  1. Good observations Cassandra. I liked the way you compared using the computers in the classroom to travel for the students. I agree. By allowing the students to explore, network, and research using the internet they can virtually travel the world without ever leaving their classroom.

    Your blog is looking great! Be sure to proof read your posts before publishing. I am seeing some errors that I know you would correct if you reread your post. Otherwise, keep up the good work. SS