Sunday, September 12, 2010

Comments For Teachers 1 Summary

The First post that read talked about how we as teachers, should take time aside from teaching straight from the textbook, or focusing only on test scores. We should teach each other about our daily situations. so that everyone can understand that just because a person situation is different, that does not mean they should be treated a different way. Things like that can cause disruptions and leaves less time for learning. If procedures and rules are in place and all the students have a understanding of the operation and routine. That will cause less disruption and allow more time for learning, which i believe will show a reflection in having better test scores.
As a person going into the education profession. I believe we all should make one another comfortable with being around each other, and learn things about each other, rather than getting straight to the lesson. Even as adults sometimes we are uncomfortable in many situations, and we do not work using our best potential. Until we become familiar and comfortable with others. So I think it is only fair to allow the children a chance at that option, since we are the ones they will spend most of their time.

The second post I read was a post that I found to be very useful, that can be modified to grade level. The post is a lesson were he has his students read and as Brian states he allows them to become ""experts" in the subject". They will have a certain amount of time to choose the most important parts of the subject, write them, edit them, and post them to their blog. I think that would be a great way get our students involved in the lesson, and learn about a subject from other students.
For more detail on the blog it can be found at Repost: "The Important Book" a writing lesson

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