Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Post 3

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today
I watched this movie several time. There were some interesting things to know, every time I watched the video I saw different things. At the beginning I did not think it was a reflection of my college experience, but one of my high schools; with the creations of art on the walls and the chairs. As the video played it was an experience that I have gone through in college. The large classrooms were notes are posted on slides and the teacher just going through reading slides (word for word). All the test material comes from the slides, but you bought the book. I

I really began to think the students were telling my college life story, but as I see now most college students are all the same. However I do seem to study more than that, but as far as the sleep, the readings, and being online that time is about the same. I have experienced all of that, not only being online for class work, as well as, social purposes.

"It's Not About the Technology" :By Kelley Hines
I would have to be in favor of that, it is not all about technology. I would also agree that technology should be incorporated in to the classroom, but not be the only source. Another thing is if we as teachers can be able to learn and show technology in ways that are fun and not just textbook bound, then technology would not be so complicated for others to learn and may also make them more willing to learn. It would give students an opportunity to explore new things and communicate with the world.

I will also be using some of the strategies mention in my classroom. I think they are great ways to get the students prepared for any situation they are faced with in their lifetime. I also think that these are great ways to get students involved with their peers. Also let them know it is not all about the technology. So that if one student is not learning, then that student will not feel like they are left out of the learning process. Which can also make children more frustrated about learning. This will result in them not attempting to learn. If we as teachers can learn to adjust to the students way of learning, then I believe that more children will be willing to learn about all subjects.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
I would not say that being technologically illiterate is the same as teachers thirty years ago, not being able to read or write. I think everyone is technologically illiterate in some form or fashion. In today’s world we have television, DVD/VCR players, cell phones, microwaves and many may more. Those are all things we consider technology. So it is not just about the use of technology, but about which technology used is acceptable to society. Further more I think that reading and writing is the best technology that could ever be used and taught. Without the use of both tools how can you create technology?

I do not think anyone should be criticized or lose their jobs because they are not literate to technology. Maybe we could place them in a position were they do not use technology at that job. Maybe we should find ways to help them want to be technologically literate. Instead of criticizing them to cause more harm to the individuals allow them to use none literate technology in other places.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count
I believe that this means throughout my professional career as a teacher things and people will change dramatically. As an educator I should be ready and prepared for that change that will take place while teaching. It also means that there are other ways of communicating with parents, students, and others, besides a phone call or a letter sent home. I also figure that I will receive a faster response to a situation or a question by using the internet tool to communicate.


  1. I like how you equated technology to things we use every day. Often when we speak of technology the assumption is computers, IWB's, and smartphones. There are a lot more tech tools than just those three used daily in the classroom.

  2. So Mr. C commented on your blog! Congratulations.

    You need to work on your writing. After you write your post, go back and read it aloud. You will probably see many places where you can improve what you have said and how you have said it.

    What do you think Dr. Wesch and his students think about how colleges and their employees organize and deliver instruction?

    Mr. C is a master of getting people involved with one another. He is the person who taught me the importance of commenting on blogs!

    Yes, I agree that we need to move toward an understanding of what we mean by "technological literacy." But what about the teacher who is not technologically literate - and refuses to learn? Out the door I would say. But they are very well protected by unions and bureaucracy and many other societal factors.

    You can't stop the change that you see in Hayes' Social Media Counter!